We have a few foals, weanling and yearlings for sale.
Each one is halter broke, ties, leads, up to date on shots, and stands for the farrier.


Born 5/27/21, Homozygous Black and Homozygous Tobiano

"Razzle" is going to stand-out in the showpen! You just can't find a double homozygous filly with halter quality, conformation and a pedigree like hers. She is a definite head turner!

see pedigree  

Congratulations Debbie & Cody Rabska, Medford WI, You got yourselves a WINNER!



Born 4-13-21  Homozygous Black and Homozygous Tobiano

 This sweet double gened filly has black in all the right places, she will be one nice halter prospect then ride her later or use her as a broodmare, You will get color everytime. Big... stout... and loud, she will get you noticed.

see pedigree  

Congratulations to Laura Wagner, Lodi WI  You got yourself a dandy!


Born 6/14/21

"Banx" was an orphan at just 13 hours old, he has grown up to be a fine looking boy after many sleepless nights and bottles of milk I can't even count.
 This fella is built rock solid and colored the way you want him, plus he is homozygous for the black gene.

see pedigree

 Thank you Sherry Kline-Klotz of Cassopolis MI. You got yourself one special boy!


Born 4/21/21  Black Tobiano filly, negative all panels.

This classy filly is graceful with loads of natural athleticism, she has a gorgeous refine head and picture perfect conformation.

see pedigree  

Sherry Kline-Klotz of Cassopolis MI. for not buying one but two of my babies, you picked a couple of nice ones!


born 4/26/21 Homozygous Black, Homozygous Tobiano filly

"Kahlua" is a unique filly with one blue eye and one brown eye, she has color in all the right places and a sweet disposition to match her conformation, she will be an awesome halter prospect and later broodmare.

see pedigree

Congratulations Kelsey Kiehl in Mayport PA on purchasing this sweet girl!


Born 4/29/20

Ruger is a striking grulla colt, homozygous black and Breeders Trust eligible.
He has the sweetest disposition along with great conformation and  muscle to burn.  Halter him now and ride him later, he will make heads turn.

Thank you Trish Morlan of Durango CO for purchasing this handsome boy!

Barn name: Reno ~ Born 3-12-20

Very handsome Bay tobiano colt has great conformation with the sweetest disposition.
Cross him on your mares and you will never get a solid foal.  This guy is all you can ask for out of a maiden mare.

Congratulaions to Renee James of Lachine MI you got yourself one sweet boy!

Barn name: Paige ~Born 5-2-20

Here is one sweet black tobiano filly, homozygous black, Breeders Trust eligible and negative all panels.
Colored perfectly with a sweet disposition.  Show her now and have a great broodmare later.

Pedigree link  www.allbreedpedigree.com/Some+r+royal+girls

Congratulations  Kimber Wolfe of Pekin IN on purchasing this sweet filly!

Barn name: Zee  ~ Born 5-1-20

Zee is one well built and perfectly marked filly... homozygous black, homozygous tobiano and built as solid as they come!
She comes with a versatile pedigree, Breeders Trust eligible and negative all panels.
When done halter and riding her, you will have one nice broodmare.

Pedigree www.allbreedpedigree.com/some+r+sonny+dees

Congratulations Carolyn Hefner Ozark MO on the purchase of this fine filly!

Barn name: Zeta~Born 5-22-20

Zeta is an exceptional double homozygous filly.
She has great bloodlines, movement and conformation. Definitely has showring potential and then an awesome broodmare.
It's not easy to find a double homozygous filly with halter quality conformation and pedigree like hers.

Pedigree   www.allbreedpedigree.com/some+r+extra+fancy

Congratulations to Carolyn Hefner of Ozark MO on the purchase of this fancy girl

Some R Black Affairs "Sammy"  born 5/1/19

Congratulations to Debbie Hetherington of Arbuckle CA on purchasing this sweet filly!

Super sweet, well built, double homozygous filly (EEaaTT)  granddaughter to APHA Champion KT Black Ty Affair and he is a grandson to Sonny Dee Bar.
Breeders Trust eligible and 5 panel negative.  Nice all-around prospect and super broodmare in the future.

Some R To Hot  "Vinny"  born 5/13/19

Congratulations Cindy Rice-Ripp for purchasing this sweet boy!

Sweet... Smart... Fancy...  and what a beautiful head on him.
This fella has bloodlines that include WC of The Dream Maker, Think Im Hot, Hot Scotch Man and Skipa Star to mention a few.
Homozygous black, homozygous tobiano (EE, TT, aa) Breeders Trust eligible and 5 panel negative.
He will catch the judge's eye in any class you put him in!

Some R Trophy Drumn,  "Archie"  born 5/2/19

Congratulations Susan Haynes of Mayville MI on the purchase of this handsome boy!

Here is a kind and easy boy, put together well and has a great mind.  Grandson to APHA Champion Gay Bar Drummer by APHA World Champion Drum N Up Spots and on bottom side he is a grandson to World Champion  A Tru Rolex by Tru Bruiser by Painted Tru Tru.   He is homozygous black, homozygous tobiano, breeders trust eligible and 5 panel negative.

Some R Trophy Affairs  "Kinzie"  Born 4/20/2018

Congratulations to Brandon Bernhardt of Ontario Canada for purchasing this sweet filly.

Kinzie is one well balanced and well painted filly.  Very correct, homozygous black, homozygous tobiano and she comes from a line of champions and performers.  If you are looking to show, ride or build a broodmare band, this one has it all and then some.  She is Breeders Trust eligible and 5 panel negative.


Some R Trophy Painted  "Jaida"  Born 4/17/2018  

"Jaida" is one sweet, willing , perfectly built with perfect color.  She is the complete package... halter her now, ride later and as a broodmare she will always produce black.  She is Breeders Trust eligible, homozygous for the black gene and 5 panel negative.

Congratulations to Roxie Terry of Crawfordsville, IN.

"Tess" is a very sweet and stunning tobiano buckskin with lots of eye appeal.  Built the best and with bloodlines of: "Yellow Pages", "Yellow Mount" and "Triples Titan"... just to name a few.  I can't tell you how excited I am to own her and even more excited to see what she will produce for me.

Congratulations Vicki & Kevin Bond of Strawberry Point, IA.

Some R A Little Tuff born 5/13/17

Lots of wow factor here!  Baby doll head, nice bodied and color to burn, just can't order them any prettier.
She comes from a line of World Champions and Performers, Breeders Trust eligible and 5 panel negative.

Makes this filly the whole package!

Congratulations to Heide Zurlinden of Show Low, AZ.

Born 3/30/17

“Cooper” is a well balanced and colored perfectly little man.  He will excel in any direction you take him and his potential is unlimited.
Homozygous for the black gene, Breeders Trust eligible and 5 panel negative.
His sweet personality will when your heart over.

Congratulations to Heide and Greg Zurlinden of Show Low, AZ


"Popeye" Born 3/30/17

Popeye is one well built boy… he came out walking!
Double homozygous for both tobiano and black gene, this big guy will be an outstanding stud prospect.
His grandsire is APHA Champion KT Black Ty Affair and he is a grandson to all time great “Sonny Dee Bar”.
Breeders Trust eligible and 6 panel negative.  Don’t let this rock solid boy slide on by.



"Ella" Born 4/7/17

Ella is an absolute doll!

This buckskin filly is homozygous for the tobiano gene and Breeders Trust eligible and HYPP N/N.  Words can’t explain how sweet she is.
This elegant filly has a baby doll head and a nice big hip with a neck that never needs sweating.
A show home is preferred!

Congratulations to Barbara Anderson of Saltsburg PA

"Milo" born 3/29/16

What a little sweetheart this guy is! In your pocket friendly, well built, big hip, pencil thin neck and a baby doll head.

He will halter and LL now and ride later.

Breeders Trust eligible, HYPP N/N with WC bloodlines to boot!



"Rockstar" born 3/30/16

Here is one well built and rock solid boy.  Colored just how we like them and as sweet as they come.

His pedigree is full of WC and performers.
Double Homozygous, 5 panel negative and Breeders Trust eligible.
This guy will halter now and ride later.

Congratulation Linda Caprini of Stockton, CA on the purchase of this fine fella!


"Lena" born 5/30/16 is a strikingly beautiful filly.

She is the first filly this sire and dam have produced... and it was well worth the wait.
WC bloodlines, we have perfected the color and conformation here.
She is 5 panel negative and Breeders Trust eligible.    

Congratulation to Tonia Cupstid of Ocala, Florida for purchasing this nice filly!


"Gemma" born 4/6/16 Here is an absolute gem...

Perfectly marked, perfectly built and oh so sweet. She is sure to stand-out in the show ring, trails or even your pasture....
She is homozygous black, 5 panel negative and Breeders Trust eligible.



"Star" born 6/14/16 and she hit the ground with style.

Extremely elegant, very correct, gorgeous baby doll head with color to burn.

She is Breeders Trust eligible, 5 panel negative, a granddaughter to APHA WC sire Will Spot Ya, also included in her bloodlines are:  Whata Investment x The Big Investment.

Congratulations to Donna Ridgeway of Neelyville, MO.


To: Tammy in IL

2007..This fancy mare has a superb conformation, excellent disposition and painted perfectly.  Her color and size will take you to the winners circle.

-SOLD- To: Karen & Jim, Dodgeville WI

2004..Absolutely beautiful!  Well put together and has a personality money can't buy.  He's your next show stopper.

-SOLD- To: Amenia, North Dakota

Zip is an All-Around performance horse.  He is beautiful, smart and talented.  He works cattle, trail rides, spins, side passes and has been in the show ring....he always comes out a winner.  Zip has a walk/trot that can't be beat!  Bloodlines include: Zippo Pat Bars, Three Bars, Poco Bueno, TE N' TE and Zippo Pine Bar.





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